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Getting Out Of Hobby Sale

I do appreciate that. I also run a business and am in High School. Recently I just haven't had time. I have a friend who has aircraft so if i ever have time he says i can fly his. I am really hoping to start a business before college so this money would be funding one of the ideas i have.
awesome same goal here.. except i'm aiming for a $10 million company by then..
hey i've got some great marketing resources dm your email and i'll share them with you.
what business is it?
Hey wondering how much your Nano Goblin is worth? it looks like new their worth 140, however I’m not sure how well used yours is. Also (Don’t know to much about the plane) how possible is it to put fpv on it?

Hope your business and school goes well!!!


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Sorry I just saw these, what has been sold is the Nano Goblin, FPV headset, Matek flight controller, and DXE. Everything else is still available.