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Giant Cessna 182 (hobbyking) Replacement Wing Screws

Hi guys,

I'm new to the forum, have been watching flitetest since it started however!

I seem to have misplaced the screws for the main wing of my Giant Cessna 182 from hobbyking. they are long and thing and unfortunately nothing in my gash box even comes close!

Does anyone know of any replacements that are a possibility? as it is excessivle annoying I cant fly it when the wing is unsecured:(

cheers guys


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It looks like they may be machine screws. Your local hardware store should stock them. Bring one in and let them match it.


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It is probably not so easy to take a picture or bring them to the hardware store if they are misplaced.

I cant find a manual in the files or anything in the reviews or discussions but those planes normally comes with mm standard plastic (nylon) bolts.
Ask the HobbyKing support to help you. Try to measure the dimensions needed and ask your local hardware store to find something metal mm threaded to try. I use 6 mm nylon bolts to planes in that size. They can be smaller as they are designed to break if you crash before ripping the plane apart. Metal replacement wont do that.
Thanks pgerts,

Yes, they have been misplaced, so hence why I cant get copies, they were definately metal, however if a nylon variant is available I would be more than happy.

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I don't know what size you need but when I needed new nylon bolts for my Fourstar's wing and landing gear, I was surprised to find a very good selection of everything I needed at Lowe's. They had all the sizes and lengths.