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Giant Prop on Small Plane


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After watching countless hours of videos and listening to others complain that the noise is too much for the neighbors, I would really like to know what the ramifications are of putting a huge prop on a small plane. I am talking a prop with a diameter that is 40-50% the length of the wing. (ex. 6 foot wing span with 30 inch prop) I know, I know, you can't take off or land conventionally. Takeoff is done by hand and landing is with a dead prop and oriented to match the wing horizontally. There is a lot that needs to be thought out for this to work but you all have the expertise to pull this off and a decibel meter would prove or disprove the experiment. The guy that built the Gemini plane got over 4 hours of flight time and flew well over 100 miles round trip. Why couldn't you do the same thing with huge, quiet props rather than smaller ones that sound like a swarm of large, angry bees. If this was to work, then low flights almost anywhere would be attainable without bothering anyone. If the prop is mounted tractor style, a guy should be able to takeoff and land like a helicopter if the thrust is adequate. If it is mounted pusher style it gets a bit more complex but I think it is still doable with a fuselage that "wraps" around the prop. I'd be willing to throw some money down for this experiment if your team will take it on. I know it would be expensive with the size of EVERYTHING but ohhhhhh the fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, if you get an invoice together for the cost and figure what is fair for me to pay, I will send you the money tomorrow.

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