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Global Durafly releases and spare parts


Propaganda machine
Some breaking news from HK, they have announced that all future Durafly releases will be simultaneous global releases, including from all warehouses at the same time. Also, spare parts will be available from release 'where possible'.

I know there are many critics of Hobbyking out there. I'm happy to call them out on both good and bad aspects of their business, but I'm a big fan of their enterprise and take great pleasure in seeing them make great improvements in their company.

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
Yeah, I saw that on the spitfire thread on rcgroups. I think its much better to pay 10% more from local, than to pay as much as the item on shipping. Good job hobbyking.
Great news for us Durafly fans and the spare parts coming out at the same time (where possible) as the planes is spot on,also thanks for sharing the news on the new Durafly MK24 Spitfire Stuart. :