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Glydr's latest scratch build nearing completion...


How many letters do we ge
This thing is 100% scratch built.

Designed it myself one night, figured out a materials list from my hand-drawn plans. No quick-build foam, depon or EPP... this one is fully framed in timber the good ol' fashioned way.

Span of 2.4m (that's over 7.8ft). Despite being so big I've been working on it during spare time only since Easter and have got this far. Only some minor fitting out to do and it will be ready.

So here it is....

... the Cubby House!



How many letters do we ge
That darker panel on the roof is translucent to let light in. The kid's front deck is better built than my back deck! Everything has been done properly; does it show that I'm in the building industry??



How many letters do we ge
Some build photos...

Floor frame before putting down 'yellow tongue' flooring. Also some more hanging joists between the bearers.

Wall frames stood. That sheet at the back is pre-painted as it would be difficult to get at it with the fence in the way.

Mike oxbig

15% nitro is my cologne
I'd recommend at least a park 450 outrunner, maybe a 480 for better vertical. The CG should be about 25% back from the roof overhang. Should fly well. :rolleyes:


How many letters do we ge
I say insulate the walls and ceiling and make it a man-den. Tell the kids to build their own :)
Good idea. Though I'll need to make the door larger; I've a permanent lump on my head from hitting the door on my way into that cubby.

I'd recommend at least a park 450 outrunner, maybe a 480 for better vertical.
I was thinking a handful of these:



Plenty of room in the 'fuselage' for lipos! ;)


Don't listen to any of those guys! You need ROCKET POWER! I suggest four independent motors, each slightly angled 5 degrees out of the vertical such that you achieve a Wizard of Oz rotation on the club house. Or, take a cue from Up! and attached helium balloons.


How many letters do we ge
Might have to take to the stumps with an angle grinder first... those stirrups are bolted and bugled to the floor and concreted in. The roof frame is tied down to the wall plates via studs screwed into the floor frame with massive screws. I've seen real houses more flimsy than this!

Or I could hit up NASA for some leftover rockets from the shuttle program.