Go crazy in control (fully stabilized SU-37)


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Hi there!
I have a project in mind, which may well be some kind of overkill in terms of control surfaces and electronics, maybe even weight...
It´s about building a SU-37 with all really build in control surfaces, fully movable of course: canards or even canardons, ailerons, elevator or elevons, 3D thrust vectoring, rudder...in short: the real package - and I´d love to have them working.
Like in "really working", not just moving on RC input, but due to signals from gyros, processed by PID´s and passed on to a bunch of servos. And of course with a high-alpha capability, preferably even a stable hovering on two thrust columns.
To give you an idea, what I´m talking about, take a look at this:

As mentioned before, the airframe I have in mind is a SU-37, so there are plenty of control surfaces - and that´s my first problem: finding a FC that has a sufficient number of PWM outputs.
1 servo per canard, one per aileron, 1 servo and one BLC per Motor, 1 for rudder, that sum´s up to at least 9 different PWM signals, that need to be processed ant "outputted" - but to the best of my knowledge, most flight controllers only have 8, sometimes even only 6 PWM outputs.

Next topic on my list: to the best of my knowledge, there is no software available so far, that is capable of doing so.
The only thing, that comes close, can be found here:

So, long story short, I have two questions:
- are there any flight controllers available, that have at least 10 (preferably more) PWM outputs and with sufficient processing power to do the trick?
- does anyone know of a software/firmware that might be able to do what I want it to do without reinventing the wheel?
(Plus, doing so would be way beyond my programming skills...)