Going to USAFA! Saying goodbye to the hobby for now, and a BIG Reveal!

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Most Air Force officers are NOT pilots. The size of the active duty Air Force officer corps varies, but there are roughly 70,000 officers in the USAF and of those only about 12,000 are pilots. Getting commissioned is no guarantee that you'll go to pilot training. One more thing. You don't "demand" anything when you're just starting out in the military unless it's something like a sex-change operation.......... sigh.
Actually the vast majority of cadets who request to go to pilot training school get in. Over 50% of the class will go to PTS

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Could I take the two EDF’s? I’m just getting into edf’s and would be thrilled to have some more.


Do you still have some of the power packs I would love to get some? If you do is it possible to ship it over to California?


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Thanks so much @BS projects inc. !! Did your ZOHD motor some justice with a new FT Bravo today. Almost done with a C pack Explorer as well, that will be getting my younger brother into the hobby!

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hi i live in melbourne australia and i am trying to get into the hobby with a tiny trainer i'll pay for shipping could i please grab the power pack f
assorted servos 9 or 5 gram some control rods and a batterie 2or 3 cell 700 -1200mah battery and charger any still available ill pay shipping also any foam board
thanks chers


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i live in Melbourne Australia can i have a light 3 cell battery 1200 milla amps i'll pay shipping
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