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Good combination for frequencies?

Hey all,
Im building my first fpv plane. Kept it in mind, its going to be simple and close range. Im looking at 200mW, for about a mile range atleast, with a clover on the receiver. Im looking at 900mhz, as I live in NW washington, with lots of trees and un-level ground, and lots of obstacles. Either 900mhz or 1.2/1.3, which is better for my environment? is 200mW enough for a mile atleast? And my actual plane controlling system, should it be 2.4ghz or 72 mhz? I want more range, as later in the future i will want to fly further from launch point and get an OSD and stuff. But for now, simple FPV. Whats a good combination of controller frequency and fpv vTX frequency? For my environment, trees and hills? Thanks!
Note that 900Mhz wont work well in populated areas since its the same frequency that mobile phones use so unless you live far away from people and there are no cellphone towers in the area that you want to fly it will work. 1.2/1.3 Ghz FPV wont work very good with your 2.4 GHz controll since the two will cause interference to each other. (Harmonics) Im not sure which 2.4 GHz and which 72 MHz system you are using so I cant tell you anything about that.