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Good first 3D and/or Sport Plane

What batteries do you currently own? The three planes you list use different cell counts and capacities, none of them the tried and true 3s 2200. I'm sure any of the three would be fine, if you're trying to keep cost down you should take batteries into the equation.

If you already have some 3s 2200s you might consider this:


Yes, it's over your budget a bit, but might come out cheaper than the above options after figuring in batteries. Also, it has the SAFE system option in the rx which might be helpful if you're going to start learning 3D.
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I don't own any large capacity batteries the only plane I've owned myself is a FT Arrow I build over the summer. I am willing to stretch the budget a little but i guess my main question is what the reputations of these companies products are in terms of durability, build quality, and customer service, etc. (e-flite, fms, hobbyking, etc)
Motion RC and Horizon/Eflite are known for their good customer service. HobbyKing/Durafly aren't on the same level service wise, but they do make a good product. You would be happy with any of the three you linked.

Like I linked above, and Austin did as well, the Sukhoi is probably your best bet. Factoring in the cost of the batteries it will probably end up being the least expensive option verses what you show above. The After Hours podcast crew really like the Sukhoi as well.

Also, this may be splitting hairs; the Pulse and the Zazzy are more sport planes, the FMS Extra and Sukhoi are going to be better at 3D while still allowing to be flown as sport planes.


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Hello everyone..I just bought the Sukhoi SU 29. I haven't flown it yet as I only got it 2 days ago, and the weather here is pretty bad.
Anyway, I have set the Sukhoi up on my Spektrum Dx6 and was wondering what is everyone's dual rate & expo settings for this plane?