Help! Good Planes for my electronics?


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I have a 3s 2200mah battery as well as a 2212/6t 2200kv brushless motor, it is one of the standards from amazon with a 30A esc and I want to make a easy to build and fly first foamboard plane so I was wondering if anyone knows of anything that will fly well with these electronics (I have two of the brushless motors if there is a design that works well with a dual motor setup) as well as 9g servos. I am assuming that many people getting into the hobby as I did are also looking for good ways to fly with similar electronics so anyone who knows of any plans or something for these specs would be a big help!


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That sounds pretty similar to a power pack C setup so any FT power pack C plane should work great. My recommendations would be the simple scout or if you want something super easy to fly you could go with a simple soarer.


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The simple scout would be a good choice. The explorer would be another choice.