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GoPro Stops Recording Randomly

Hey all,

I seem to be having a problem with my GoPro Hero 3 White.

I was doing some flying with my quad today and after I landed I discovered that my video had stopped recording about 30 seconds before I landed. I then flew again later and the video had stopped after only about 10 seconds in the air.

I have over 2 hours of video recording time available on the SD card, and the camera was charged.

Any thoughts?
Ya, they all do that. The best thing to do is to make sure you have the latest firmware from GoPro. This usually takes care of the issue but some are still having problems.
I had a few issues because I was using a class 4 SD card instead of the recommended class 10, but the main issues I had were relating to sound drop outs and things not synchronising properly.
I have a Hero 3 Black edition with the same issue. I use a 32GB class 10 card. I solved the problem by formatting the card (not quick format) using windows 7. It solved all by problems, even if it took several hours to format.

I think this problem occurs when one deletes (ore moves) the files using a computer. While doing this, the card gets fragmented and the writing speed is reduced. When the writhing speed to the card gets two low the camera stops recording. To prevent this from happening, copy the files to the computer and do a “delete all/format” in the camera instead.