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Got my friend into the hobby!


Cardboard Boy
So, im living just next to a friend from kindergarden and we do a lot of stuff together, we go biking, play music and soon we will fly planes together!

I had him film my flying pretty often and he once tried to fly one of my planes but it was a piece of crap so it crashed.
Today I made him fly my delta with FPV, second time flying a plane, first time flying this one and also first fpv flight!
He flew it pretty well since he plays a lot of simulators and now he wants to get himself some stuff so I made him a list:

The plane:

Battery (way overkill):

The radio:

The battery charger:

That should be enough for now, since we live literally meters away I can help him repair and build planes.

Im gonna post the video of his first flight later when im done editing it!


Wake up! Time to fly!
I wonder if the wallet and or the friendship will last before he learns to fly? ;)

I keep trying to drag my friends into it all but they all say they are too poor (everyone of them has the latest smart phones though)
Hope you guys get to have fun like you do in other things you do together. Make sure you keep us up to speed with plenty of pics and vids.


Cardboard Boy
Yeah the battery is a bit big but the plane should be able to handle it and I want him to fly more than 3 minutes at a time.

@PsyBorg he told me he would have enough, he will have to wait about a month before getting all that because school starts soon but he asked me to help him get into the hobby


Cardboard Boy
As promised the video (he flew on the second half of the video)

Also he wants to build the plane to save a bit on money, I have one half of a plane finished so he will probably have it if it proves itself worthy of flying.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Ok I gotta throw a flag on the play. You guys are flying in front of a mansion on river front property AND its own football field. THEN your out on a huge plot of open field perfect for flying. Which one of you is royalty? (just kidding)

That looks like a nice area to live and fly. Your friend didn't do bad at all. That was a pretty fast plane for a beginner and he wasn't flailing on the sticks just to stay in the air. He even stuck the landing nicely. You guys don't have 2.4ghz systems there yet? It looked like he was using my old 72mhz Futaba system.


Cardboard Boy
We were using my 35mhz graupner radio, good stuff but I should upgrade to modern stuff near the end of the year because those receivers are impossible to find.

Also in the first video we were flying in the town park, big for humans but small for fast planes. Inside the wood area there is a small path and I wanted to fly in it but it was impossible, my fpv cam has a way too small FOV (3.6mm lens)


Wake up! Time to fly!
I just changed to a 2.5 mm go pro replacement lens from Dal. I am getting used to the view and finding where ground and center are from changing out the 2.8mm that came with the camera. Take a peek at Steeles video on his camera setup and you could probably learn a lot from that.

Here is a link to what I see in my goggles now with the new lens if that might help you decide to change or not. Just mute the sound its all static. (the resolution I see is much better and not as staticy that's all the crappy dvr I use.)

On a side note I checked out your YT page and saw you have a build video for a flying V semi hollow guitar. Is that you with the long hair doing the build or are you the guy with the shorter hair playing it?


Cardboard Boy
Im the guy with the long hair that builds the guitar.
I really just want a lens with a wider field of view because I want to see stuff to know where im goign and the orientation of my plane.

EDIT: progress one the plane
pro tip: drilling isolation foam with a metal drill bit is a bad idea.

He ordered his stuff yesterday from Hobbyking so we just have to wait until it arrives, I have to work on a plane to fly with him now.
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Wake up! Time to fly!
You may want to use stronger tail booms to support the Vtail. I seen many videos with that design end up breaking from the side just in easy landings where the craft twists around on impact by spinning in the grass but having the rotation stop abruptly.


Cardboard Boy
Don't worry, I already flew a plane with this wing/tail.

I lost both ailerons but the plane remained stable, I couldn't stop it so it hit the ground hard enough to turn the cardboard body into an accordion but the tail was fine, and it rotated quite a bit around the body.

And since he will learn to fly, might as well learn how to repair :cool:


Cardboard Boy

I got him a 50cm P51 as a surprise, it features two 5g servos and a state of the art brushed motor, powered by a single cell 1300mah lipo.
I must say I was quite surprised by this plane,it flies quite nice with the dihedral of the wings and it has an autonomy of around 5 minutes but im sure we could push it a bit more. We broke the tail and wing a few times before it was trimmed right but now it's a beauty!
We might upgrade it to a small brushless motor and micro fpv in the future, if it is still alive.
Btw is there some sort of "flite test pilot card" so I could put his name and photo on it, just for fun?