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GPS locator


I wasn't sure where to post this, but figured the techno-geeks would hang out here! I am interested in what is available for gps locators. Say, an RC plane is blown to the far corners of a corn field. You pull out your iphone (Adroid, if you are so inclined) and BAM, the location is identified on a map!

Now, imagine the locator is not attached to an RC airplane, but to your dog. You pull out your iphone (Android, if you are so inclined) and BAM, the location is identified on a map! This question is inspired by tonight's search for my two Labrador Retrievers/magical fence transcending escape artists.

I know there are store bought systems out there. They are expensive and I am cheap. (Don't give me some lecture about how my pets are worth it, I don't need to hear it). Is there an inexpensive RC Airplane gps locator that could be adapted for dog use?

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They should make everyone who has ever claim to have been abducted by
aliens carry one of these so in the morning we could say "see told ya you were dreaming"


Well, Bigfoot is known all over the world. Some call him Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Skunk Ape, Ol' Hairy Balls... The list goes on and on. Luckily, we have a crack team of researchers known as the BFRO - Bigfoot Research Organization. They even have a TV series on Animal Planet called Finding Bigfoot. Flying Monkey and I have invented a rousing drinking game to make the show even more enjoyable. There really is only one rule to the game: Whenever someone on the show makes a statement as if they have researched bigfoot the way Jane Goodall researched chimpanzees you drink. There is only one drawback to this game: The tv show is on at 10:00 pm (EST) on Sunday nights. This makes for Mondays that are even more challenging than normal.

I miss you and Bigfoot, FlyingMonkey. Sniff... :(

Now, just a few miles south of my home, there is a large body of inland water called the Chesapeake Bay. The bay is named for a Native American word (spelled really difficultly, as most Native American words are) which means, "The Great Shellfish Bay." Oysters used to be so abundant that when Captain John Smith sailed the bay as the first European to map it, the oyster reefs were so abundant that they were a hazard to navigation. You can imagine the bigfoot population in those days! It is a know fact (because there is no way to dispute this) that bigfoots (bigfeet is improper) dig in the shallows for mussels and other shellfish. This is documented in one of the Finding Bigfoot episodes. Well, not the Chesapeake Bay part, but the digging for mussels part. Obviously, it is not at all a leap in logic to assume with 100% confidence that bigfoots would be plentiful around the Chesapeake Bay because of the abundance of oysters.

Not only were bigfoot abundant there (don't let the lack of any reports, whatsoever cast doubt - Native Americans didn't keep written records) the Loch Ness monster has a relative living in its shallow waters. She is known as Chessie. See the connection? Nessie, Chessie. Obviously the plesiosaurs survived the global extinction event that ended the Mesozoic Era and heralded in the Cenozoic era.

Not to stop there, there is yet another creature rebuked by the scientific community merely due to lack of proof. Deep within the New Jersey Pine Barrens lives the Jersey Devil. It is characterized as having glowing, red eyes, a fake tan and poofy hair-do. It frequently wears gold chains and wife beaters. This creature has its own tv show - Jersey Shore.

Now, Bonez was referring to yet another creature that lives in Mexico and southern Texas known as El Chupacabra. In Spanish this means, the goatsucker. Yes, this monster sucks goats - the blood to clarify. Don't want anyone having a distorted view of the proclivities of El Chupacabra. Farmers will often find live stock (El Chup doesn't limit itself to goats) drained of blood with two puncture marks on the neck. Maybe its simply a vampire into beastiality. But, that's just a hypothesis.

El Chup is described as having glowing red eyes and green, scaly skin. It hunts at night. Many claim to have seen it. Some even claim to have killed one. The pictures of bodies of killed El Chups can be found easily by doing a search on the internet. Yet, the "officials" continue to deny its existence. Simply because someone used Photoshop to enhance a picture doesn't mean it is faked. Quite often these pictures are rebuked because of missing shadows or shadows reaching in the wrong direction. That can easily be explained by sunspots. Of course, I just totally made that up, but it can't be disproven so we can go with it.
That had to be the most brief, detailed explanation of all things awesome. LOL :cool:
But lets not forget Zombies gotta love a good zombie apocolypse

Edit: Oh yes do no forget the Jackalope and you gotta love hunting for Snype for us midwest folks
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"Don't want anyone having a distorted view of the proclivities of El Chupacabra."

Now that's funny right there! LOL :)



Bonez, the accumulated scientific knowledge of monsters and magical creatures is too vast to cover under one post in one forum. But, since you brought up snipe, I am a charter member of the Snipe Hunt Club and have the t-shirt to prove it!