Graupner Alpha 110 BNF ok with Turnigy 9XR with DSSS Module


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I would like a 110 Alpha FPV BNF but can't determine if I can fly it with my 9XR transmitter with DSSS module. It looks like HoTT is a two way version of DSSS. I can put up without the telemetry. Can I bind to and fly with my 9XR with DSSS?

Looking for something a tad better than my WL Toys V929 tough as nails beetle.

Emmaus PA


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The Alpha runs on the Graupner system. It actually uses a GR-18 which is a flight controller and receiver all in one. So I am 99% sure you need a Graupner transmitter to use it. That said, it is a decent little quad.

Hope this helps!



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It does help, thanks!
Though I'm thinking I like doing outdoors and might go a little bigger and brushless.