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Graupner MZ12 and Anylink2

I have the Real Flight 7.5 simulator with the wireless FOB. I also have a Graupner MZ12 and an Anylink2 to try to convert to the SLT that the fob needs.

Does anyone know how to setup the Graupner? I have the jack set to DSC and I have a switch to toggle teacher/pupil settings. Is there anything else that I am missing? I am using the correct cable to the Anylink2.

I have also been on the helpdesk for Anylink2 and they did not know what else to try.



Junior Member
I'm having the same issue. I purchased the MZ-12 from the flitetest store, being new to this I figured if flitetest is selling it, it must be a good radio for beginners.
Also purchased the Anylink2 so that I could fly a quad with an SLT receiver, but can't seem to get it to work. I switched the jack to DSC mode as well, and set a switch to toggle trainer mode, but the Anylink2 does not turn on.

I tried using the TACM0012 adapter instead of TACM0010 and then AnyLink2 powers on with all lights flashing and beeping at me. Still doesn't work though.