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Grayson Hobby is my new favorite merchant!!! BOO HOBBY KING!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,

Weeks ago I placed a fairly large order with Hobby King, over $300. Hobby King placed a horrendous shipping fee on the purchase. I was content though because I was excited for the objects I purchased. I was excited in particular for my Turnigy 9x transmitter. Hobby King charged my credit card immediately.

Time passes and no word from Hobby King. After I inquire, I find they are displeased that I live in a U.S. territory (Guam) and want me to email them a photo of my credit card (sketchy). I still swallow my pride and do so.

Another week passes... No word. I inquire via their chat help session and learn that my photo will be reviewed in another week. BOOM, I canceled the order. Hobby King then tells me it will be over a month and a half till I get my money back... Strange, considering they charged my credit card instantly when I ordered! It has been over a month now, I still have not been refunded.

I then re-reviewed all the parts that Dave Powers (RC Super Powers) recomended for his V2 parkjets and snagged them all from Grayson Hobby. My new purchase had equivalent (often much better) parts and ran me $208.


They used the good old U.S. Postal service. (Yes, the territories get USPS!!!! AT the exact same rates as the states! Wake up Vendors!)

A week passes and my order arrives!

Unforunatley, one minor hiccup... The two servos I ordered were back ordered. I got the tracking number for them about 3 days after my original order.

So I wait patiently... And then the little package arrives from Grayson Hobby.

Another hiccup... One of my servos are missing from the BOX! These were no dinky servos either, I ordered Hitec HS-82s. $19.99 a pop.

I placed a trouble ticket on the Grayson Hobby site and got a response same day. I had a new tracking number in the morning.

I checked the mailbox today (thanksgiving day) and found my package. Guess what I found inside:


Grayson Hobby: Plus x1 $19.99 Fancy Pants Servo
Hobby King: -$320

Hmmmm.... Which is better?

I would say i would never shop with Hobby King again, but I would be lying. I did place a new order with Hobby King; but purely for my Turnigy 9x. They added $23 dollars for shipping my $39 remote. (luckily, the transmitter is working out nicely. I flashed the firmware to ER9X the day I got it)

I am giving Hobby King a few more days before I file a claim against them with VISA.

I will now be avoiding Hobby King in general. If it is available on Grayson, then the decision is a no brainier!
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I posted this here, because I did not know which section this should go in on the flite test forums.

This is not an advertisement. I was just blown away by how awesome Grayson has been to me, so I thought I would be thankful on thanksgiving! Moderators, if there is a better place for this thread, please stick it there.

This is my honest to god review and comparison of the services between these two companies.


Flying Derp
This could have gone in the Grayson Hobby Official Thread...but no probs...I recently had my first purchase with Grayson and was more than pleased!
Thanks a million guys. And I promise that those "hiccups" are a rarity. Basil and I run a pretty tight ship and you just happen to slip through the cracks. I really appreciate you allowing us to make it right because we always strive to "make it right".

Thanks again

Todd K

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I just payed for a couple small items at Hobby King a week or so ago only to find it could take 45 days!? Whatever. Then my credit card called me today to say my card has been compromised....the order was to Hobby King. Never again.

I love Flitetest....great entertainment....but not happy with Hobbie King.