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Great, look at this carbon fiber drone wing and bracket

This is the order of our company's customers to do the unmanned wing and bracket, and it is quite perfect.Amazeing.

Cutting speed is critical. Its best if you design a composite product that doesnt need to be machined.
But.. sometimes you just have to. Like when making your composite test coupons.
CNC Carbon Fiber Manufacturers cnc machining

BEST PARTS has the ability to process carbon fiber parts for customer CNC. Parts include daily necessities, racing parts for bicycles, structural components of drones and camera tripod components.
Carbon Fiber Composites And Drones
Small unmanned aerial vehicles generally have performance disadvantages such as small load, low flying height, slow speed and short battery life. Because of the flight environment, the damage rate of the body is also relatively high. Metal materials such as traditional aluminum alloys are far from meeting the development needs of drones. Carbon fiber composites have high specific strength and high specific stiffness, which can greatly reduce the weight of the drone, thereby reducing the load cost of the drone and increasing the payload of the drone. Other advantages are to extend the flight distance and flight time of the aircraft, which is of great significance for the lightweight, miniaturization and high performance of the UAV structure. Carbon fiber materials are ideal for a new generation of drones.