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Great plans web site and books/magazines.

Hi , I have been having great fun finding all my old plane plans on


as well as uploading and downloading scanned mags and books from


I hope you all might enjoy this as much as me.

For any Melbourne flyers, I just grabbed some great RC books from Canterbury Vintage in Canterbury Rd, Canterbury. They have some old planes, Cox 049 and OS engines as well as a heap of magazines and other vintage gear.

For anyone on a trip to tooradin, there are some old plane kits including a Aeronca C2 and some frames at the Antique Shed.

Cheers and happy flying.


Skill Collector
I've been a lurker on aerofred for years, but oh my goodness I had never seen RC Book Case before! I'm going to lose so many productive hours reading these! :applause:

Thank you!!