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Hi from Southern British Columbia. North of Spokane Washington in the Kootenays.

I've got a couple of hours in the air under my belt on a penguin and chimera plus a bit on a UMX Radian. I also have a pile of broken foam and had to hire a tree climber to get my buddy's $1500 chimera out of a large fir tree. No way I was climbing that thing. Same buddy who destroyed my penguin. He destroyed it so completely, I had to laugh. He'd given it to me in the first place.

Love this shit. Been laughing reading through other newby posts saying, "I have a pile of planes built. I'm waiting for my electronics to arrive. The pile of planes grows daily." I'll have to build a hangar if this continues. That or take over my wife's hobby room. Hope the electronics show up soon.

Building slower glider/trainer style planes and staying away from the rockets, for now. Lots of time doing circuits on the flightsim. Getting dark, cold and soon snowy here so working on different waterproofing techniques. Tried minwax and packing tape so far. We'll see which works best. It's all a lot of fun. I recently changed my lifestyle and finally have some time to play for the first time in almost 15 years. The idea of getting good enough to do longer range FPV flights in our beautiful mountains has me hooked. Miles and miles of mountains, wildlife and not much else.

Big shout out to the Flitetest crew for all the fine work you do. The videos. The plans. The articles. The kits. All pure gold for a greenhorn like me.
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Welcome aboard!! I'm sorta new myself. There's AMAZING things that the Guys here are doing with Foam Core Board!!!! Look around, ask questions.
Everyone here is Über helpful!! :cool:;)


Welcome from the lower mainland... just started building myself... can sure understand about the needing. A hanger comment..


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Just adding my Welcome. I spent some time at Fort Lewis in Tacoma, and I've driven north to B.C. just to spend a weekend jazz-bar hopping with my girlfriend at the time. I agree, that's some B.A. Utiful country for some long range FPV.

A lofty and worthy goal. Welcome.