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Greeting and a Few Questions


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I like the look of the Turnigy 9X from Hobbyking.
I think I heard that it's identical to the Flysky FS-TH9X. It certainly looks the same.

Flitetest themselves reviewed it in one of their videos and only said good things about it.

My flying buddy also has one and loves it, but he's swapped out the RF module and modified the transmitter to run the Open TX operating system. He had some reservations about the original RF module and blamed it on some range issues he had, which is why he swapped it. Obviously, if you get one of the 4 in 1 modules ($30 -$40), you won't have that problem. The module will pay for itself because these $5 receivers work perfectly with it in Flitetest planes, so transmitter, module and 4 receivers will only cost $110. You'll pay more than that for just the receivers from many other brands:

I use the Jumper T12, which comes with a Jumper 4 in 1 module for about $80- $100. It does everything you'll ever want, but it has the Open Tx operating system, which is not easy to figure out for a newb. There's another version that uses a different operating system (Deviation) that would be more like the Turnigy, so easier to learn; however, there are not so many of them around , which means help won't be easy to find if you get into trouble.
ya. don't get that Tx. yes it is cheap, but....it's cheap.

i got 5 of these for my students last year and had all sorts of issues. first 2 of them came mode1 instead of mode2. this created a multitude of problems, most of which was the inability to have a throttle cut safety switch. add that to the archaic programing and interface, and it's just not worth it. i spent more time trying to figure out how to actually program the Tx than building the planes. on top of that, any extra Rx's are twice the price of DSM2 and DSMX capable Tx's.

for a few more bucks you can easily find a used Spektrum, or just pony up and buy new. in my opinion well worth the money.


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