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Greeting from Eugene Or


Cobra Motors OEM Dealer
Hi there from Eugene as well! I have been lurking a while, but never created an account on this forum. I started out on a Blade MQX, then built an H knuckle, then used the same components to build a batbone, and blew that for a few months. then it was onto a Blackout Mini H.

I have a little one at home, so I dont get a lot of time to fly except at lunch during the week. But well met!


Cobra Motors OEM Dealer


Cobra Motors OEM Dealer
Welcome to the forums gedupsound. Glad to see someone from Eugene on the board. Those black out look amazing. I have been into planes mostly. Im thinking of building an electro-hub or a simplecopter over the rainy months here. Some of the spots on the map are Heli spots some are plane spots, but with the blackout you can go any where. I want one so I can do this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DyRGpKtz-M&list=UUzOIsjoOkG1JVoPVek9cu1Q
I can assure you, these little guys will help you make that happen. :) I have been urging my co-worker to try out an electro hub, but he is happy with the batbone I lent him, to which he turned into a vtail.

I am considering creating a 3d printed platform for nook and cranny flying, maybe some racing, and then perhaps an Uber build as well (something involving some real power, thinking something like Cobra 2208s).


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Hello yall. I am a very active flyer at the Aeronauts and build and fly a lot of flitetest planes. Hit me up if you want to go flying or want tips.