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Solved Gremlin FPV Options

Just bought a gremlin (seems to be a lot of posts that start this way, hope it's not old) with the turbo power pack. I think I understand everything besides FPV setup. The stack seems to have a VTX, right? So am I assuming correctly that if I bought the FX805 on the store I'd have a redundant VTX? Should I get something like a runcam micro swift v2 instead since I already have a VTX? It seems like the FX805 would be more for an inductrix or something since it doesn't already have a VTX?


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Not sure what stack you are getting and if it includes a VTX, they seem to sell a couple for the Gremlin, but you don't want the FX805 anyways - it's an AIO camera (all in one) and you want to be able to route your video through the FC so that it can overlay the OSD onto it.

Edit: the turbo power pack includes the exact same stack I have, which does include a VTX.

So, you want a standalone camera. That FX805 only supports 25mW output as well, you are going to want more power than that if you are flying outdoors.


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The Caddx Ratel is a superb mini size camera that works in all light conditions. I got one when it came out, it was much better than both my Predator V3 and Micro Swift, I am only using the Ratel on all my builds from now on. I found the Swift to be particularly bad, I wouldn’t recommend it. It suffered badly from lens flare and was very grainy.


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I use the runcam swifts exclusively. On bigger quads I use a miniswift 2 and everything else I get the microswift2's

Any camera with presets is garbage. The software is set up STILL for static indoor use. All they do is over or under saturate colors and manipulate brightness.

Non of that hype does anything for going from full sun to shadows.

Those setting allow for flight in almost any lighting conditions with only small changes of goggle brightness and contrast.

Heres what those settings look like in good sun



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The Ratel was stellar out the box, that sold it for me. Thanks for sharing those videos, I am going to have to sit through a load of your YT content this week!
Thanks for the fast replies! I had seen AIO mentioned elsewhere but didn't know what it meant, but I can understand why it might not be the best option in general and especially in this case. I'll take a look at the Ratel, I had just heard of the runcam swifts when browsing elsewhere and I wasn't familiar with much else. Those videos look great though!


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Shot this today on a 5 inch race build using a microswift2. Its newer then my other ones and I think they changed some of the light management again as its a little contrasty using same settings as others I have.

Still not bad for a super bright n sunny day on a crappy dvr and probably needing to be refocused a bit.

Its the micro swift 2 IR blocked and will do perfect on both the old and new Gremlins.