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Gremlin Inside

Can someone confirm for me the directions given to build the Gremlin are still accurate. I am mostly concerned about the Betaflight instructions for the installation. I just want to verify they are still correct after such a long time since the instruction video was created. It may save me some time if I know they are still applicable...
Thanks in advance for any input.

Ihichi Bolls

Well-known member
Which Gremlin? The original with the femto is not supported by newer versions of betaflight. You have to go back to earlier versions.. Im still using 10.4.0 and have been able to work on my femto in my build. Not sure I could actually flash it though.

Also the newest version of betaflight is pretty buggy by most recent accounts so be aware of that also.
That may be the basis of my concerns. It is the original Gremlin kit and it has been sitting around for some time waiting for me to get around to it. When initially constructed, i dealt with some frustrations in regard to betaflight so I set it aside until now... Will persist when time allows...
I appreciate your input.

Ihichi Bolls

Well-known member
No probs mate. Good luck.

Dont hesitate to ask if you run into trouble. As always pics n vids are nice good bad or otherwise. We can help with problems or share in the success much better.