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Gremlin kwad vibrations

Hello! I am new in the drone community and just finished the construction of my Gremlin kwadcopter!

But I am having problems...

Whenever I go above about 1/3ish throttle i get SUPER jello and at higher throttles the FC gets angry and the kwad freaks out.

I have tried messing with the PIDs to no effect.

Please if you have any ideas post and help a buddy out


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Hello and Welcome to FT mate.

See if these settings help you out to get started.

Gremlin pids small.jpg

Also scroll down a little lower and set TPA to .25 and 1500 not .10 and 1650. That was a huge help for my tune.


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How are your props?

Any of your motors getting hot?

Are you running the latest firmware on your ESCs and are they all running the same firmware?

If push comes to shove, Ace hardware for tiny little O-rings...


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Hrmmm.. I wonder... Do you have pids and rates confused? I set my rates pretty high. The pids getting lowered from stock should have definitely made it more stable.

Is it uncontrollable as you fly or does it just wobble in a hover? Please post some pictures of your build and possibly a video of it in the air if you can. I would like to see how you mounted your Flight controller as well as side views of your props. These things are VERY sensitive to bent props. Stack that with the Hyperion cameras not being so good and I can see thinking the quad is not set up well.


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I've noticed some vibrations in my FT Gremlin too. It's not bad, I can hover easily indoors and outdoors but there's some on/off constant rattling noise. I can actually see my RX antenna vibrate as if it resonates somehow.

Since it's flying very well and I've had no crashes, I'll assume it's not bent props or something damaged. PIDs should be fine too, I've left everything default except lowering the rates.

Did anyone successfully balance these tiny props? Any other suggestions? I can fly as it is, it's just a bit annoying, like a random rattle.


Wake up! Time to fly!
And it is usually spelt "Quad" not "Kwad". Have fun! :D
Its a Rotor Riot thing hehe. They did an episode and played a game of horse only with quads and not a basketball. They did tricks and everyone had to do them or get a letter. It was taking to long to film a whole game so they rebranded it KWAD.