Gremlin power pack v2 issues?


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I'm reading reviews on the FT Store for the Gremlin v2 power pack and I have to say, it kind of turned me off. I currently have the original old school Gremlin on a TJ frame. I have decided I want another and was looking at the v2 power pack and the Alex frame. Looking at the reviews people are saying the motor holes on the frames don't match the motors and they have to ream out the holes. The holes on the FC stack don't match what's pre-drilled on the frames and much be re-drilled, and the new power pack has the 4-in-1 esc board and updated FC with little to no information available on it. The old gremlin build video is for the older pack and is of little help.
Does anyone know if these problems with the frames have been resolved?

And for anyone not in the know about the Gremlins, I'm also taking suggestions on other options. I'd like a Gremlin size drone on 3s for Spektrum. Also looking at the Turbo Gremlin kit. Any suggestions or recommendations on that would be appreciated as well!
Thanks guys!!
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I bought a Sailfly and it’s amazing. There’s a DSMX version, it can use two 3-400mah 1s cheap whoop packs or 3s 350mah packs. It’s best on 2s IMO stock but it flies so well. If you blow the board on 3s there’s a new F4 Pro version with 20A capable ESC’s that will take the 3s battery better. It’s about $75 ready to go, with one pack included.
Toothpick class micros are really hawt right now, there’s several others to choose from.
For 3” the Diatone GT349 is a monster.