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Grifflyer Bell P-39 release

Not yet. Ended up flying the arrow and my fingers were too numb to flip the motor to the power pod for the p-39. Looking to buy some more motors to make it not necessary to swap. What are you using?
I run on a Emax 2205 for scale fight and when I want to haul I'll use a Emax 2205s

@SlingShot there are some pics in the first post at the bottom of the Gallery.


Maneuvering With Purpose
Before I begin I would like to dedicate this release to my parents, because when I was learning how to fly I had no idea of the forums so I couldn't ask any questions and was struggling severely and wanted to quit trying and leave the hobby but they helped me and got me to where I am today, so if it wasn't for them I might of never gotten here.

That is quite a story! And how awesome that you persevered and powered through <salute>


Skill Collector