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Ground test of an FPV'd Hobbico NexSTAR 46


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Mostly just testing jellofication and sound quality while the engine was running. Not ideal, but within acceptable parameters. Audio's worse than the jello. I'll work on improving the rig(Mostly by replacing the engine mount with one that better dampens vibrations; it's supposed to do this anyway but the rubber blocks deteriorated and got replaced by bits of broken prop blades) as time passes, but overall, I'm happy with the setup. Can definitely fly off it. Will do tomorrow.

What I don't know is what I'm going to do about the audio. The problem isn't really wind noise, it's sheer volume. The mic on the VTx is just getting overdriven something fierce when the engine's throttled up.


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Wow, jello is vicious with an IC engine.
It can be, but surprisingly enough, it's not too bad on this plane. The engine has vibe-damping mounting as standard(Why Hobbico did that over ten years ago before FPV was even a thing I couldn't tell ya but I'm glad they did <3) and that kills a TON of the vibration.

The jello is noticeable, but I could fly through it just fine. The bigger concern is exhaust residue. I was flying Line of Sight in that video, so I didn't even know the castor oil was getting on the lens in the first flight. Exhaust was aimed directly out the side, to the right, and propwash was bringing it up and onto the windshield. Deflecting it *down* in the pits after that flight corrected this, however, and the landing from the second flight(each lasting 10 mins, though I think the bulk of the 2nd flight's DVR'd footage is corrutped >_<) is proof that the residue problem is nipped.

As a gearhead, hearing that 46AX from first person is absolute perfection. Just wish my VTx had a better mic! Haha. And now I have a four stroke on the front of the plane...