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Grumman AA-1B Build

Making progress on the plane from my youth ... my Dad would fly one of these on the weekends. Mine will have a 40" wingspan. I've fabbed the engine mount and firewall assembly over the weekend, and have it dry fitted to the fuselage. Tail section almost done - also dry fitted here. The spar assembly (drilled out 1/16" aluminum) is also built but not shown or installed yet. Moving next to the gear ... once that's ready I can install some of these completed parts.


Looking good!

Are you working from plans or just the TLAR (that looks about right) method?
I have a line drawing of the plane I pulled from somewhere online, and using known measurements of the real plane, a cheap Amazon micrometer, and a simple ratio equation, I'm working up the measurements from the line drawing and building accordingly. I used the same technique to build a chuck glider from a Waco CG-4A line drawing, and it worked very well. But I suppose I'm still using TLAR to double-check my progress :)