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Guess what I'm building......


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Only took two replys and Pat nails it!! Yes, it's the Polaris. I figure with all the rain lately I might as well build something that I can fly off the water and if it freezes, off the snow. I'll, of course, be modifying it a bit with a KF-2 airfoil because I can't just leave well enough alone . Lol.
Well Good Luck with the Build Paul, I downloaded the Polaris Plans a while ago(and pretty much all other plans that Steve Shumate- Jetset44 created lol
) and kept putting it on the back burner...but I just might have to build one before winters over!


Crazy flyer/crasher :D

You´re building exactly what I want to build soon! It is just that I have to many things that I want to build.

Have fun building it and keep us posted.


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She looks great! Did you build it to fly off of water?
Water, ice, snow and grass when it stops raining..
Came in a little over the recommended weight of 22 ozs (mine is 25 ozs). I overbuilt the wings 2 x 4mm foam laminated together with cf rods and heavier taped edges.
But I think the weight gain was really in the sticker!!


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My son built one that did well.
It flew great.
It didn't float as great though.
It's another none on my list of builds-to-do. I actually went at it once but then got ticked of with it and scrapped it.

Did you go with all the specified parts?