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Guinea Pig Mods (Gear & Door)


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Here are details on the gear... The 90 degree arm "trails" forward motion to ease the action. I tied a #64 rubber band off at ~0.5" loop (tie a strong string like dental floss around the rubber band, then cut the excess off to make a #64 1/2 long band). I used two of these per side to handle the weight of the plane. You will need to add more if you have a heavy payload. The gear mod gives about 1" of total travel. I tied both side together with 1/8" dowels along the bottom of the belly and hot glued. I did a test flight, had a "less than smooth" landing, the gear stayed on and seemed to work just fine. I might have to beef up the axle mount as the axles sag slightly under load. This is the first attempt, it may get revisions..
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