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Guinea Pig Power Pods w/ Bomb Drops


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Just thought I'd share my current project, 3D printed Power Pods with integrated bomb drops for my soon to arrive Guinea Pig. There's really no reason these need to be printed, but I'm always looking for excuses to use the printer! :)

Once the Guinea Pig is done and I can confirm these work (or make necessary changes), I'll post the files to Thingiverse



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Finally finished printing and installing the two 3D printed power pods and bombs. With any luck I'll get it all done this week and have a maiden next weekend.

As I mentioned, 3D printing these parts is TOTALLY unnecessary, but any excuse to use my printer is good in my book. ;)

My radio is only 6 channel, so if I do differential thrust I won't have enough for both bombs and the cargo door. I may install a 2nd receiver so a friend can be the "bombadier".



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A bit more progress. I added a divider between the cargo area and the front. I plan to drop multiple small objects, and thought this would be a good way to ensure they don't roll too far forward and get stuck and fail to drop.

Also added a 2nd Rx so a friend can control the bomb and cargo drops. Considering adding a small downward facing micro camera/Tx and make a poor man's bomb sight. Pointless, but fun! :D