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Had a great day on Sunday...


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So, almost a month ago, I had worked a Mini Maker Faire for part of my RC club, handing out chuck gliders and letting people know about where we were and what sort of events we did out at the field. Turns out that it's already pulled a bunch of people in to the club, and to our field to either just watch activities, or want to get involved with RC flight. :)

Well, I went out to my field this past Sunday with the intention of flying my Sea Duck and my glider, and there was a dad and his son who were from Australia, and they were absolutely fascinated with some of the little UMX stuff we were goofing around with. I asked them if they wanted to go for a ride, and they looked at me quizzically. I came back with my drone and a headset, and they were completely floored. :) I took the kid for a ride, and when my battery was almost dead, I landed it, and the kid goes, "THAT WAS COOL!! Can we do it again?!?"

The dad said, "Oh, I think we're going to have to go look at the hobby shop and see what we can get! I definitely want to get into this now!" :)

Best feeling in the world, for me - and the fact that I was flying just FUN stuff (my little Acrobee, Whipit, Sea Duck, and Inductrix Switch Air) that doesn't require a ton of skill to fly? Made the day a lot of fun, and sometimes, you just need that. :)


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The fun stuff is the best. I think the more “serious” sides of the hobby can be very intimidating.