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Halloween Flight Testing Blues


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I maidened a new airplane yesterday. It is capable of fully autonomous flight from launch through landing, but I was having trouble with the airspeed sensor reporting corrupted data. I made a movie for each flight that also shows my HUD and augmented reality system ... maybe because it was halloween, the airplane was playing tricks on me? :)

I can't get the airspeed (i2c reads) to fail on the ground or back in the lab no matter what I try, but as soon as there is air flowing over the wings, I get errors on the i2c reads.



Ihichi Bolls

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I cant help you with the issue you are having as I know nothing about that type set up. I do however want those virtual gates in your hud. That would save me a TON of money and down time for quad racing practice due to crashes.

Ohh on a side note just remembered.. @Mid7night uses a pitot tube in a high speed plane he is developing. HE got some dirt in his tube when landing and that caused issues. Maybe open the pitot assembly and clean the tube to make sure a small grain of sand or something is not fouling air flow?


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We suspect our i2c cable to the airspeed sensor (which also senses temp and baro alt pressure) is too long. We simultaneously see garbage values for temp, differential pressure, and static pressure. We can't the system to produce any errors in the lab, but I think we are going to try a shorter cable and rearranging things a bit. Unfortunately at the moment, the HUD system is drawn over the video after the flight, not in real time. For us it helps visualize what went on in the flight (for example you can see pretty much exactly when the airspeed readings started to flake out and the freeze ... and the subsequent affect on the autopilot pitch/throttle commands.)