Handley Page 42 - FFT here we come


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So I was trying to come up with what crazy plane I could build to bring to FFT in a month. I have 4 motors laying around looking for a home and was looking for something big to make. I came across the Handley Page 42 through google and decided it is the one.

I love the creative design and am excited about my first biplane. I decided to go big or go home and so I’m aiming for a 1:12 scale. Wingspan will be 130”. I’m hoping for very scale flight characteristics so am not trying to overpower it.
I found these plans that I am using for scale and measurements.

I have my work cut out for me for sure but am not trying for a perfect scale detail more of capturing the look. I am much more about the build process and the flying than the details part of making it perfect and pretty.
I am planning to build it in 5 pieces to bring to FFT and just to get it out of the door frankly.
  • Center section to include all 4 motors and the center of the fuselage.
  • Two wing sections with upper and lower wings connected.
  • Aft fuselage and tail
  • Forward fuselage
Here is progress so far on cutting out the upper wing. It is huge. Not sure I know what I was aiming for.
Center section


Left upper wing

I am using carbon arrow shafts and some carbon fiber tube that fits over perfectly for stiffening the wing and for the wing to slot into the center section. We will see how it goes. May have to scrap all of that if it doesn’t work.

Aft fuselage with tail.