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Happy New Year video (a bit early, but who cares?)


not crazy, just stupid
I finally got an mCPX for christmass :)
enjoy and feel free to comment :)
get it? flying at night times: Night Flying
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not crazy, just stupid
Flying while drinking??? You could decapitate someone with that helicopter! LOL!!!!

Great video! Happy New Year to you, too!
that take was the fifth or so take after about a botle of wine :p i ended up crashing into my roof, window, my tv (yes it got slightly scrached) and the flor (obviously). :p
but i must say, the mCPX is durable
Cool Video. Next time try brandi Or some ThunderBird Wine LOL aint that right Teach :cool: Sorry inside Joke. Hey Happy New Year to you as well and I love the beginning had my attention from the start