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Harbor P-51 Brushless Conversion

I wanted to share my conversion steps I did on a Harbor Freight P-51. I used the Integy slow stick 300w brushless conversion kit. Sadly the specs are all unpublished but I’m flying it on a 8x6 prop and a 3S 1300 lipo and it’s good for 10 minute flight times at 1/2 throttle cruise. It’s not a rocket but will go vertical with the new power. There is so much drag and it’s so chunky I didn’t think it would ever be a speed demon. I had to add 1 1/4oz of nose weight for balance and I’m using the balance point and throws of the GWS P-51 as it had the closest specs of all the foam p-51’s I compared it to. If this molding was previously sold as under a different brand I have not found it. I used the tail boom of an old dragonfly helicopter to reinforce the center section as it has been stated these will fold the wing when hopped up. It flies quite well I have 100/30 and 70/30 dual rates and a 30% aileron/rudder mix that’s switchable. The only thing I don’t like is with the torque of the big prop it wants to ground loop with the castering tail wheel. I think I’ll be locking it in the near future. The main landing gear looks funny sticking in front of the wing but it sits at a good attitude and won’t nose over. The wheels are dubro 2.5” micro lites for grass.