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Harrogate area FPV meet

Hi all,
Me and a few friends are trying to get some FPV race meetups going in the harrogate area for anyone who is interested. All the information will be on this page:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1788525441374215/ The first meetup (weather dependent) will be monday evening, Check the page for more details. We would welcome anyone flying multirotors For an evening of racing with airgates and general flying :)
Hi there Yorkshirepuddingz, did you have any success getting a group together?
What kind of multirotors do you guys fly?

I've just moved to Leeds and am hoping to find people to go flying with (if it ever stops raining!)

I've joined the Facebook group (waiting to be accepted), but just thought i'd reply on here and find out a bit more while i wait.