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Has Anyone Ever Tried LiFe for Fat Shark? What Do You Use For It?

Hey there I'm about to get my first Fat Shark and I've been looking at batteries. Right now I'm looking at the Fat Shark 1800mah battery for $22. I was wondering what your experiences with Fat Shark batteries are not to mention what you use to power the goggles. I don't like the idea of a LiPo next to my face and I also don't like having to worry about leaving the LiPo sitting around when I'm not using it. So if you guys have any creative solutions for powering the Fat Shark I'd love to hear it.
Hey allofmymoney, I don't blame you for the concern. The fatshark batteries do have a circuit protection board in them to reduce the risk of a problem but that doesnt guarantee anything. I had the board go bad on me and ended up buying a 2s lipo to replace it since I was on a week long trip. Since then, I mostly use a 2s li-ion pack that I made. Still risk but probably less than a lipo.