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Have you seen 'B' yet?


Junior Member
Saw this on kick starter and thought you guys might be interested :) It's a combo car/quadcopter. Cool concept!

(sorry, i'm not sure this site supports embedded video from kickstarter)

The link to the kick starter page is here:

Here's a blurb from the site:

"B is a revolutionary new remote controlled hybrid car-helicopter with a patent pending design. It is capable of driving across difficult terrain using its large rear drive wheels and when the obstacles become too big, simply take-off and fly over them.

B is a toy that provides an extraordinary experience. B is virtually unstoppable, capable of transitioning between ground and air allowing the development of tricks otherwise impossible to achieve.

Due to its large wheel diameter of 220 mm it achieves outstanding performance in difficult terrain. On flat surfaces B reaches high speeds. "

I'm a huge fan of Flite Test, but this is my first post, so apologies if I've placed this article in the wrong section.....


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Thanks for helping to direct my post to a more pertinent area. I have nothing personally to do with the project, just thought people here might be interested in taking a look :)


Stuck in Sunny FL
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No worries. Sometimes people post to spread the word on a project they're associated with, and it's usually obvious because it's their first post, and they haven't filled out a profile, and they often never post again...

Welcome to the forum, hope to see you in more of the conversations.