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Having a bowl with my kids for 7$ a pop! Mini RC Cars racing! Christmas is coming!


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I am a french RC pilot and I wanted to share with you this deal because my 2 sons (4 and 7 years) and I are really having fun racing with RC cars but the biggest concern is that all the Toys RC cars in Europe are stuck on 27Mhz which avoids to make them compete against each others.

And I found these mini racers for 7$ including shipping!! I was sceptic at first but then we tried them and it's really infinite fun.

8 differents models

Watch out: I bought 4 because there are 4 different Frequencies but I got 2 with same Freq., the black one is 40Mhz and not 27Mhz as advertised!

Runtime per charge: More then 10mn (Actually they seem to run forever, we always charge them after 10mn to have full power)
Charging Time: less then 5mn
Lights: (Front + rear)

In the Box:

4 road cones / The Car / the Tx (needs 2 AA batteries)



Sorry for the bad footage, it's my phone and holding the phone while driving is kinda hard and my 4 yeared old son is not a very good pilot yet :p


If you bend the antenna you can drive on 2 wheels which pleases the kids:


If you want a 10$ coupon on the website selling those (unfortunately only for orders above 100$)
Click here and register +
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And you will get 10$ in (My Account>Invite Tools > Credit)

Furthermore there are many other coupons available in My Account > Coupons (at a minimum you will get 1$)

Have Fun and post videos!