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Having trouble joining the hobby. CC3D issue

I need help with something. I have recently put together my first 250. But im having troubles with calibrating motor 1 on a CC3D using open pilot. It is not the motor or the ESC. When i plugged motor 1 into port 3 on the CC3D it spun up no problem just as motor 3. but when I plug motor 3 into port 1 it will not spin! I have found the same with the other two motors. What i have concluded is that my channel 1 port on my CC3D does not work. However this doesnt not really concern me because i dont think i will ever put this on a hex. My only problem is, i have no idea how to get ports 2-5 to be the ones used instead of 1-4. If you know anyway to fix this or have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. Just trying to get up in the air in this amazing hobby.
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