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HD Scale FPV - with Headtracking

Thanks FoamyDM. Here’s a short clip of the FPV setup of previous version which crashed last year. I am still using the same gimbal and FPV system. Currently still tweaking the Version 2 setup to try and fit the canopy back on - solving VTX cooling and visual distortion concerns. Will post my progress here.

Practicing basic airmanship stuff like short approaches, touch & goes, turn around a point and basic aerobatics while giving joyrides to a couple of licensed pilot friends. Verdict: why pay $200/hour for full scale plane rental when scale FPV flying is more fun - G forces not withstanding - and don’t have to deal with air traffic control.
Practicing close formation with a friend. Video includes audio of us talking at the flight line to coordinate our formation from takeoff to landing. Turned out surprisingly well for our first flight together. I got on station at 2:00.