Heinkel He-162 70mm EDF (BETA!!!!)

Heinkel He-162 70mm EDF (BETA!!!!) 0.5

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Bo123 submitted a new resource:

Heinkel He-162 70mm EDF (BETA!!!!) - Be warned, this plane is missing many parts, so build at your own risk!!

This is a Heinkel He-162 I was working on a little while ago, but never managed to finish. The plans are only about 70% complete, so be advised you might need to make up some of your own parts.

Build Skill Level (at the moment): 9/10, as it requires you to make up some parts, and also build with no instructions.
Flying Skill Level (Estimated): 7/10, it is an EDF after all.

Wingspan: I don't know, somewhere between 1300mm and 1500mm
For 70mm EDF.

Parts that need finishing (will have to be...

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No not yet. Still working on it.
I am going to go ahead with a mock up build using your plans and then move on to adding power, would a 70mm 3400kv 4S motor work well? I am new to EDF and am trying to learn as much as possible before I start making plane shaped rockets or alternatively biplane speed jets. Thanks!