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Heli-Max 1SQ


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It's the tiniest quad we've ever reviewed! It's so small, It's even smaller than something slightly bigger! Find out more at the article on our website:



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Video isn't available for viewing? :confused: I think you need to change a setting on the vid so that we can see it :)

Very nice! I am glad to see Hobbico(Tower Hobbies) provide some of their great products to Flite Test for review. I have had great success with many of their brands. The rock solid link and exceptional programming capabilities of Futaba radios makes sure my birds come home safely. This quad is definitely going on the list.


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It makes me smile every time I see you guys are pumping out new videos! I guess there is no way to describe what you are doing for the RC community. Great job, keep it up! Also, look in the viewer challenge sections for the thread "It must be done!"
I think I have presented some great aerodynamic challenges and a fun contest. Check it out!
Is Heli-Max 1SQ the same as Walkera Ladybird? Electronics certainly look the same...
Most quads of this size have very similar electronics layout. This is due to size constraints. Even if 2 or more boards have the exact same layout, one may be good the other may not be.

It all comes down to part quality.

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Hey all,
Quick question. Can this quad be flown with a standard (non computerized) 6 channel TX?
I have two tactic radios that I use very often, and thought that they might work.

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I want to get this as a Christmas present for my brother, and I need to know if you can use a standard airplane radio, (Tactic)
or if I have to get the any link for my XP8103.
Thanks in advance,
Foam Addict.


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The answer here is probably no. Not because your radio isn't good enough, but because it probably won't bind. If it'll bind, it'll fly. I fly my mQX with a non-computer radio.

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Yes! My radio uses the anylink system built in.
Tactic is hobbico's cover name for an any link in a simple (but good) Tx.
These things are pretty cool for their price so I was glad to know that I didn't have to by an anylink!:cool:


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Beautiful! You have the ttx-600? How do you like it? I had a 404, and it was actually really, really good. I have a 9x, and I like it well enough, but the 404 felt more precise. I am debating getting a 600.