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Heli Max Blackhawk trade


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hi guys, I have a heli max black hawk that I would like to trade for a 6 channel radio or just sell for cash. The only reason I have to trade it is because my tactic ttx600 radio just suddenly broke because the right stick does not spring back to the middle position and is very hard to move so it is impossible to fly and I crashed my plane trying to land it yesterday :mad: . Anyway the heli has all parts and an extra 600 MAH 2c battery and I even have a few extra parts like torque tube gears and miscellaneous screws from heli max. the one problem is that it violently shakes after I crashed it. the problem is probably a bent shaft or something. anyway it is probably an easy fix and the heli is so easy to work on and I have fixed it many times after crashes. My favorite part is the real torque tube driven tail and the scale features.

I hate to have sell the heli, it really flies and looks great when its working but I cant fly anything without a radio. I can send pictures if you are a serious buyer/trader. IMG_1218[1].JPG
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