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Hello and questions

Hello all, I am located in Ontario Canada and am completely new to air RC, I have years of experience with surface bashers and racers.

Now I have decided to dip my toes into drones and see if i get dragged in lol.

Please forgive me if I'm not supposed to post a longer post in this section but I literally logged in and saw this and decided to spew everything out in my first post...

Anyway as far as I know (hear) "current" support for F1 boards (naze32,cc3d,etc..) is dwindling and I have settled (and ordered) a Naze32 for my build, first question is will i be limited and unable to utilize an older release of say clean flight or can I always just run the latest firmware that supports my board even if it is not a current release? Are older releases stored and archived so older boards can still be set up?

My build is as follows, mostly cheap parts just for my first build, if anybody could give pointers/tips, or things to look out for or keep in mind?

Motors- ReadytoSky MT2204 2300kv

ESC's- ReadytoSky 30a... don"t know much about them, they have yellow shrink tubing over ESC, looks pretty ugly TBH (not sure if BL Heli, or SimonK, or something else?), if anybody has more info or can help with these as I am a little unsure about the details on them, they were cheap and I figured worst case scenario I need to get more ESC's...

FCB- Naze32 Rev6 6DOF

PDB- Matek PDB (XT60 connector) w/BEC 5v & 12v

Frame- LS-210 Carbon frame

Props- Dalprop Cyclone 5045 3 blade props

Still need to get a radio, probably a regular old FlySky I6 or I6X/I6S

Battery- Planning on running a 3s, around 1500mah or so, dont want too much weight and don't want too much power, would 40-60c be adequate for a drone like this?

As stated before any info would help, thanks all in advance.

Hopefully I will be around the FT forums to bother some of you vets with my noobish and mundane questions for the foreseeable future Ha HA!!

Thanks, I appreciate the welcome, hopefully someone willing to waste a bit of time on a noob and share their sage wisdom on these mystical carbon-based flying entities will come along sooner or later, HA HA, Cheers!


Wake up! Time to fly!
Welcome to Flite Test mate.

What ever build path you choose as with all things you will probably have struggles early on as everyone else has. The cool thing is once you get thru them and your gear is setup how you like to fly there will never be a need for updated software or parts as long as you are happy with what you do with it. Flying good is flying good no matter if its the new hotness or a 1950's rubber band powered set up. After all fun is fun right!.

There are only a few real reason to use newer gear to consider. Newer in this hobby is better simply because of the speed at which even newer things have come to upgrade or replace older. It does not mean that older is not still good. I have my Versa Copter I fly LOS on occasion and that is using an FC older then what you are working with. It fly's well enough for me and I love tinkering with it to try and get it to fly even better on the old tech. The 30 amp esc's on it are near the size of a cigarette packs and twice as heavy but still push the tiny (by today's standards) 2304 2300 motors on 4 just fine.

Bottom line is the only consideration for gear is if you are happy and can make it do what you want it to. Who cares what everyone else flys (unless you happen to be a competitive race pilot for a sponsored team) because until then it does not matter.
Thanks Psyborg.

Ya I'm not after the latest and greatest by any means and nor do I think I will, I went through that with RC cars and always trying to be faster than the other guys wallet was not my thing, I'm in RC for the fun of it.

As long as I manage to get through the noob growing pains like I did when I started racing and tuning cars everything will be good, and at least I have you guys to bug if I get stuck, Cheers.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Well if you are anything like me you will quickly want to find better performing parts about 10 minutes after your first build if you were into tuning cars. Kinda why I try and steer people to build their own instead of using mass produced gear that very rarely if ever live up to the hype let alone stand the test of time and REAL usage.

As you progress do the research and don't rush. Nothing says you have to buy an entire build in one shot. Took me months to piece Taz together. (My attempt at a 100+ mph build)
Hey Verris,

I'm in south Ontario, On the south side of a small Lake called Rice Lake, nearest town is Bewdley (if you know the area)
Yes PsyBorg, I'm sure that moment where I think "hey if I do this and that maybe I'll be able to do "X"" will come sooner than later, then my bank account will try to reason with me and I'll politely ask it to shut up Ha Ha. Thanks for the warm welcome and great response guys, the way I am I'm sure I'll have a small stable of little flying machines in the near future, I6x comes in Wednesday, already have my PDB and Frame, just waiting on all other parts, maybe I'll start a "1st time build thread or something to log my success and failure for you all to see.
If you're ever up in Ottawa let me know. Ive got lots to fly and a cnc to cut out FT plans.
WOW I'm responding late, sorry, life has been busy. I may just hit you up sometime about the FT plans, have some family out near the Navan area so I may find myself out your way sometime. currently working on a scratch build FT Cub and FT Mini Speedster.