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Hello and quick question

Hello all, first post here. Been looking around a lot and would like to do a scratch build of the FT Spear. Question: I have a Emax 1470kv motor and some 8X4 props. Can these be used with the Spear? Thanks for any feedback or opinions. Hope to most more around here as I get some projects going.
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Hello and welcome. I think your suggestion is close enough to the recommended Power Pack C for that airframe. Your motor RPM is slightly higher but with a slightly shorter prop that is to be expected.

Is this going to be your first build? First flight? Where do you fly?
Hey Jim, Thanks for the reply. Yes.... to all. I built a tri-copter several years ago (that crashed and burned never to be seen again) but other than that no experience. Really like the wings I've seen and would like to become proficient at making and flying. Kids and life have gotten in the way of leisure time but I'd like them to be part of building and flying, hopefully tape the plans together this weekend and get a template made. I'll post some progress.

See you're from Central Maine. I went to boarding school out there when I was a youngster, just outside of Augusta. Anyway, thanks again and take care.


Got Lobstah?
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Not originally but settled here during Navy years. Now getting ready to re-settle in NC, hopefully within a year, Lord willing. I'm in Lisbon (famous for Stephen King and Moxie).
Yep, been to Lisbon. True story... the French teacher at said boarding school got a bit part in Pet Cemetary as a airline ticket taker. I would love to see N.C. was born at Ft. Bragg ( Fayetteville ) along with my bros and sis, dad was career Army, Special Forces. We all did time.

Trying to tape up this Spear tiled plan today. Not as easy as I thought. Going out soon to get some poster board to transfet the plans. So far it would seem I'm over estimating my skills. May have to re-print these bad boys to get proper alignment.

Take care,