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Hello and Thank You Flite Test!!

Exactly. Makes an easier mounting surface. I may not power the paper versions, but im also (All goes well) gonna build cardboard and foam board versions of each so that could help in either. Thanks kilroy!


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Ohh no what have you done, another person falling into the addiction of fixed wings.

In all seriousness welcome to the hobby! (even if its a bit late, seems like you have been arround a few weeks) I used to be interested in drones but I wound up getting into fixed wings, there is just a grace and beauty to them and its a ton of fun to craft them.

Just a warning. Once you start you will find it slowly but surely saps money away until you wind up with a wall covered in airplanes, drawers full of electronics, and tools from your FliteTest branded screwdriver to a CNC foam cutter.
Ok, so after day two of my new job (nothing special, just McDonald's, but it's income :) ), I've gotten a more positive outlook. Not that I dont try and stay that way always, but the past few weeks have felt like a kick in the ribs, to be blunt. But I feel like I have some semi-solid footing to begin the climb, and that's something. In addition, I spent last night working on a better version of my paper airplane, and so I decided to 'scratch-build' another, this time incorporating painting and small decor, and it actually took me almost 4 hours. I know thats a ridiculous amount of time to make and decorate a paper airplane, but I wanted to get a feel for how it would be working on actual RC planes, so I deliberately took additional time for detail work on the folds and such, and while its truly nothing art-worthy, it gave me the experience I wanted, and it helped me stem cravings and thusly helped me there, too. That said, while it's again not a Picasso, I wanted to share that with you here. But I dont know how! I have three pics, taken from this phone, of various views. How do I upload them in the forum-friendliest way? I hope that made sense... And as always, thank you flite test and my RC family!
O.M.G. so I'm browsing youtube, looking for new paper airplane builds, wanting to stretch my legs a bit an tinker with an advanced build, and came across this KID who made an F-14 PAPER airplane!!! Challenge accepted! Join me, won't you?


Ive been busy... So far spent three nights and made a new plane each night and experimented with various parts of the build process.. The middle one was experimentation with paints (was a bit rough as it was paper), and the top I widened the wings a bit. Again, I know its not RC, not yet, but the idea is to get the feel for the build and decorating part, and once that foundation is built, move on to the advanced. However, my mindset is great! I feel like every time I build a new one, I get faster and then in no time i have a new plane ready to decorate. Incidentally, once I get to foam board it would be good to know what common tools I'll need. I know a hot glue gun and a razor blade, at least for the glider portion, and then more stuff relating to the mechanics and electronic, but what are the must haves in order to achieve flight?
Ok, so I've decided my first build will he the netball. I cant wait to fly but I'm stumped on start-up stuff. Ive been searching youtube for a video on the essentials needed for success, but either ive missed it, or it doesnt exist. Either way, are there any who could help me through this crucial step? I've already planned on purchasing the transmitter suggested in the original video, but as far as the build, I have hot glue, a razor blade, a place to work, and the will to fly! Anyone willing to help me film in the blanks lol?