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Hello Everyone

First off hello everyone. I am very new to planes. Have dozens of helicopters and cars. But this is my first plane. I went with the mini se5 bi-plane. Kit was out of stock So I downloaded the plans and cut it out. I have a bunch of parts and think I have what I need. First prop was a 6 inch and seemed under powered. Airplane lifted off but nose dived and broke the prop. I have installed a 7 x 4.5 prop and seems much better. We have had somewhat strong winds lately so I haven't had a chance for a good test flight.



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I’m no sure changing the prop effect the plane nose diving. The plane may indeed need more power, I doubt more power will effect the nose dive. Most likely the plane needs to be trimmed out but the CG may be off.


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What size is that motor, kind of looks like a one i used to have. looks like a 300 if it is you could put a prop saver on it .