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Hello everyone

Hi everyone, very nice to be a part of this group. I'm sorry to have to ask a question as soon as I've arrived here but I'm looking for some advice to help me deal with an issue I'm having

I recently built a FPV quadcopter. I want to build a plane that will be easy to pilot, but can take advantage of the 4S batteries that I bought for my quadcopter. (20-50c 1800-2200mAh)

Something that could be made cheap would be ideal. Are there any foam board designs that could support that battery? I'm still pretty bad at piloting the quad, something easier to control would be a nice break, and my wife could fly it also.


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Welcome to the FRIENDLIEST Forum in History!!! 😁
I'm no expert... But there's MANY here.

One plane that comes to mind, simple, cheap, 4S...
The FT Bloody Baron. You'll find the plans in the Plans Section on here.

And the new Simple Stick! Incredibly wide speed envelope, cheap to build... Everyone Loves it!!! Also in the Plans Section.
Enjoy!! 😊


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Welcome to the forum. If you want something slow and easy to control I made one a while back you might like. It uses about 4 sheets of foamboard but has a good amount of lift. Also if you have any questions building it I would be happy. If you do decide to build it i suggest you print the planes at about 160%. That will slow it way down and also should give plenty of room for the 4 cell. here is a link to the plans and video.



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Also batteries for planes are less than $15 each usually, we don’t need huge packs with massive discharge rating. Cheap small foamboard planes are easy to make and fly, the parts are cheap too. It won’t cost you anything like as much as a quad.